Policy Agreement Form

Enrollment Fee

There is a $25 enrollment fee for all new students and those who have discontinued and return. This fee is to cover the teacher’s time to schedule lessons, discuss the student’s needs and desires, and obtain the necessary music and supplies for the first lesson. Registration is for the entire school year.


The Thurman School of Music tuition is based on a year-round music program. There are 44 lessons during the year beginning in August. The tuition is divided into two semesters (Fall/Spring). Each semester can be paid in 1, 2, or 3 payments over the semester, but the total bill must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to the end of the semester. There are no tuition payments due in the summer. Please do not alter bills.

Lessons and Assignments

It is important that the student be on time to his lesson so that he will get the full amount of time allotted to him. To get the most from a weekly lesson, the student must diligently practice throughout the week. The teacher will let each student know how much he should practice everyday and will draw a “practice chart” on his assignment book. The assignments will include selections from all types of music to insure a well-rounded pianist. Music theory will be discussed and workbooks are assigned for further reinforcement.

In-Home Lessons

Lessons can be given in your home for a fee. It is important that the student be ready when the teacher arrives.  All music should be in order and there should be a chair placed next to the piano for the teacher.  Should the teacher be late because of traffic problems, he or she will either stay later if possible or make up the time at a later date. Check the in-home policy for further information.


Please carefully read the Policy Agreement. If the student qualifies for a make-up and the teacher is notified 24 hours in advance, the student’s name will be put on a waiting list. When an opening is available, the teacher will contact the parent. Missed lessons cannot be credited.


Weekly reports are in each assignment book. Students earn trophies, medals, or ribbons based on their diligence and effort in their lesson preparation.

Music Rental

Music may be rented by the students for a $15 per-semester fee. It may also be purchased instead for approximately $50 per semester. Usually the students don’t need to keep their music since they will go through their books quickly and on to more difficult material. However, if a student would like to purchase a particular selection, the teacher should be able to obtain it from the music store.

Evaluation Workshop

Students participate in the Evaluation Workshop each year. Two impartial judges evaluate each student’s work. This provides students, parents, and teachers with a yearly evaluation of the student’s performance and progress. Fee is $25.


In addition to the Spring Recital, which is held every May, there is a Holiday recital held in December. These events give students further opportunity to perform and become more confident in front of an audience. The fee for these recitals is $10 per family.

Recital Piece Prep

Every year Leslie offers her help in preparing students to perform in the Spring Recitals. Students have responded very well to her extra encouragement and advice. They have demonstrated tremendous progress through the individual attention she has given them.

Master Classes

Intermediate and advanced students will be given the option of participating in master classes with other students. Dates and costs will be announced at a later date.

Performance Classes

Beginner and intermediate students will be given the option to perform part or all of their pieces for other students. They will also practice performance etiquette. This is very helpful for their confidence level.

Theory Assessment

All students will take a music theory assessment test at their first spring lesson. This will provide the teacher and parents with knowledge about the student’s understanding of music theory. There is no extra charge.


During the summer, the students may participate in ensemble camps. This provides an opportunity for them to practice and perform ensemble music. Students are also given the chance to experience some of the many facets of music that piano lessons can prepare them for such as various instruments, keyboard and percussion groups, musical drama, and composition.  Music history and music theory are also a vital part of this program.


There will be several weeks, especially around the holidays, when the students will not have lessons. These dates are available on the semester calendar.